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New EDI states: HealthTech is now in production status with Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Please contact HealthTech if you need services in these new EDI states.

New products: EDI Manager is HeathTech's newest production product that utilizes data from your claim management system to make intelligent EDI reporting decisions. EDI Manager provides tremendous benefits in time savings, increased reporting quality, and reduced staffing needs.

Our MisSion

  • Focused on workers' compensation EDI reporting
  • Integrated solutions
  • Flat-fee pricing (NOT per transaction pricing)
  • Advanced functionality
  • Solutions for every type of business
  • Knowledgeable & accessible support staff
  • EDI products that leverage your current claim management system
  • Custom software solutions
  • Consistent ownership since 1995


HealthTech recommends that you see a live product demonstration for every EDI vendor you evaluate. At HealthTech, we have found that the best way to fully experience our products is through a web-based conference. Please contact HealthTech if you are interested in seeing a demonstration of our production products and we will be glad to set-up a demonstration and show you the powerful and easy to use HealthTech products. You can reach HealthTech at 913-764-9347 or use the 'Contact' page to send an email. We appreciate your interest in HealthTech.

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