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New EDI states: HealthTech is now in production status with Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Please contact HealthTech if you need services in these new EDI states.

New products: EDI Manager is HeathTech's newest production product that utilizes data from your claim management system to make intelligent EDI reporting decisions. EDI Manager provides tremendous benefits in time savings, increased reporting quality, and reduced staffing needs.

Company Highlights

  • Focused on workers' compensation EDI reporting
  • Integrated solutions
  • Flat-fee pricing (NOT per transaction pricing)
  • Advanced functionality
  • Solutions for every type of business
  • Knowledgeable & accessible support staff
  • EDI products that leverage your current claim management system
  • Custom software solutions
  • Consistent ownership since 1995

Welcome to HealthTech

HealthTech is a leading supplier of Workers' Compensation Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) products and services.

HealthTech's EDI reporting family of products allow filing for any type of business such as a self-insured, carrier, or third party administrator.

HealthTech supports the IAIABC Release 1, Release 2 (Iowa), and Release 3 standards and is currently in production in all three releases. Additionally, HealthTech supports state proprietary reporting standards. HealthTech also supports Medical Bill reporting in California, Florida and Texas.

HealthTech EDI solutions cover your needs for filing First Report of Injury (FROI), Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI), Annual (AN) reporting and Medical Bill reporting.


EDI Reporter: An easy to use, powerful Internet-based software application that allows direct entry EDI reporting to all EDI jusisdictions. Does not require a feed from the claim management system. Best for low volume reporting.

EDI Exchange: An integrated EDI reporting solution that works with your claim management system to eliminate duplicate entry, provide quality reporting edit checks, and send EDI reports to all EDI jurisdictions. EDI Exchange provides great benefits by avoiding duplicate entry and checking data before it is sent to the jurisdictions.

EDI Manager: HealthTech's newest production product that ccepts data from your claim management system and makes reporting decisions based on the data. EDI Manager makes virtually all of your EDI decisions for you based on historical data. EDI Manager works in all EDI jurisdictions.

EDI Client Reporter: A customized Internet-based software application that allows your clients to report notices of injury to you and have the data transmitted to your claim management sytstem. EDI Client Reporter can be branded with your company look and logo and provides tremendous benefits both in terms of marketability for your company and accuracy and time savings capturing injury details from your clients.

EDI VAN/Mailbox Service: In addition to being an EDI vendor, HealthTech is also an approved VAN (value added network) that allows your company to package EDI files and transmit them through the HealthTech proprietary VAN or mailbox service to any EDI state.

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